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Geaca commune – Cluj county – Commune of the 8 lakes

The residence of the commune, Geaca , is mentioned since 1228, at that time bearing the name of Cilla Gyeke. Geaca, is located on both banks of Lake Geaca with a linear development in the direction of NS. The surface is of 112.56 ha, representing 1.6% of the administrative territory. The territory of the commune was researched by archaeologists and their discoveries prove the existence of the commune since the Bronze Age.

Other evidences of the historical past of Geaca commune are the foreign coins that circulated on the territory of Geaca village in different historical periods (coins issued during Maria Theresa in 1762-1764, during Joseph II in 1781, during Francis, king of Bohemia and Hungary in 1800-1816), Romanian coins from 1910, 1924, 1938, 1942, 1944, 1947, 1953 or foreign and Romanian banknotes, various written documents (voter book from May 13, 1931, certificates issued by Geaca City Hall on October 10, 1926, sale-purchase contract from 1927, membership card of the Plowmen’s Front from April 23, 1950, property titles from the accomplishment of the agrarian reform from 1945, old ceramics, burnt and enamelled clay pots, various tools (spinning machine, spindle).