The merry cemetery – Sapanta – Maramures

The Merry Cemetery from Sapanta together with other famous cemeteries in the world, the work initiated by Stan Ioan Pastras, the Merry Cemetery from Sapanta, was included in the top of the unique cemeteries in the world. This is a different kind of cemetery. Here everything is happy, and death is taken to say, “over the foot.” If in almost all cultures of the world, death is a solemn and sad moment, at Holy Week, the epitaphs on the crosses often arouse laughter.

The Merry Cemetery from Sapânta, Maramures County, famous for the crosses of brightly colored graves, the naive paintings representing scenes from the life and occupation of the buried. On some crosses there are even verses in which are mentioned, often with humorous nuances, the respective persons such as “Cross with Mother-in-law”, the most famous among tourists, or the cross with “Forced Death”