Turzii Gorges

The Turzii Gorges make up a protected area of ​​national interest that corresponds to the 4th IUCN category (mixed type nature reserve), located in Cluj County, at a distance of 6 km west of Turda, along the Hasdate Valley.

They have a length of 2,900 m and a wall height of up to 300 m. The gorges occupy an area of ​​324 ha and were formed by the erosion of Jurassic limestone rock by the Hasdate River.

The Turzii Gorges offer a karstic landscape of a rare wildness: high and steep cliffs, sharp ridges, stone towers, stony valleys, rubble, arches, etc. It contains over 1,000 species of plants and animals, some representing rare elements, such as wild garlic and rock eagle.