Ardud Fortress – Ardud Castle – Ardud, Satu Mare County


Ardud Fortress is located in Ardud City, Jud. Satu Mare, at the intersection between Campia Somesului and the hilly area of ​​Codrului, on the European road E81, 18 km from Satu Mare.

The town of Ardud has been documented since 1215, being mentioned as one of the most important settlements in the Satmar area, with a fortress existing before the great Tatar-Mongol invasion, mentioned as Castrum Ardud.

Professor Constantin Daicoviciu states that the stone fortress was preceded by a Dacian fortress. The fortress could house about 1500 soldiers.

One of the first attestations of the locality is mentioned as the estate of the Balc and Drag brothers, counties of Maramures, who became sole owners in 1392. From this family is born the Dragofiestilor people, who will rule the Ardud estate until their disappearance in 1555.

Bartolomeu Dragfi received permission to build a fortress on their estate, so in 1481 he built a stone fortress on the ruins of a smaller fortress, a defense fortress with 4 towers.

One by one, the fortress passes from the Dragfi family to Ioan Sigismund, prince of Transylvania, from 1565 to 1629. The following owners are: Rakoczy I, Baron Karoly, Zsegnei Berbala, Mihai Apafi, and Count Karoly Sandor.

The new baroque castle, built during the time of Karoly Sandor, was completed around 1730.

In 1847, the poet Petofi Sandor and Julia Szendrei, the daughter of the foreman of the fortress from Ardud, tied their lives in the fortress chapel. The altar of the chapel was saved before the destruction of the fortress and today it is in the chapel of the Episcopal Palace from Satu Mare.

In 1860 the castle-fortress suffered great damage. Count Karoly Lajos took the roof of the castle on the grounds that during the temporary he had to pay too much tax. In 1896 some renovations are made, one of the towers is rebuilt in neo-Gothic style but after that it falls into disrepair again.

AT PRESENT, within the program “Circuit of Medieval Fairs from Northern Transylvania” was carried out the consolidation, restoration and refunctionalization of the southwest tower and others.

The castle-fortress has a daily visiting schedule

Aerial photos are provided for the Tourist Video Guide by Matos Cristian.