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Best Tools and Techniques Content Creators must know for an Effective Storytelling Platform

Best Tools and Techniques Content Creators

It is not news that content creators are struggling to grab the attention of the customers having the attention span of a goldfish! There are various studies that depict that visuals and images last longer in our memories than the words and other print media. This is precisely the exact reason why people like making content in a storytelling format by integrating marketing techniques in the form of infographics and other technologies. It is also true that the traditional way of storytelling is not out of trends, but storytelling in the form of virtual media will grab a lot of attention more than the classic way does. With that said, we will see some of the most excellent techniques used by the content creators to increase their value in the market. Without much ado, let us dive right into the article.

Visme: the first one on the list is none other than the Visme. There are few online tools that are needed to create better content and market their brand. The main focus is to develop contents for infographics, ebooks, presentations, reports, slideshows, ads, and graphics for internet content. This tool provides you with a platform where you can keep all your content private, public and even secured with high password protection. Apart from that, the tool also provides you with a platform that helps you to upload any audio or video content to the web as well. It is known as one of the top tools that help in effective storytelling.


Venngage: the second one on the list is none other than Venngage. This platform helps the creators to create content that is rich in graphics, data, and all kinds of information. This tool is highly recommended for those who give importance to the infographics, micrographics, and other data representing visualizations. This space also helps you to create a valuable content platform that helps in effective storytelling. You can just choose your template, add data, and customize your design.

Camtasia: the third one is none other than the Camtasia. It helps you to overlap the content with the audio by making it the best of all. You will be offered with an extensive amount of templates, text boxes and similar other items that are needed to bring a good effect on the content, thereby enhancing your marketing techniques.


Moovly: the fourth technique on the list is none other than the Moovly. This helps the content creators with an enormous amount of creativity and allows them to grab the attention of all the audience with just a few sounds and creative animated touch. You are available with various tools and ads designs to make your webpage looks smarter and innovative.

Top 9 Tips to remember while Composing and Creating a Smart City Promo Video!

Smart City

At present, we can say that the world is tech-driven. There are many reasons why it is mentioned like this. Technology taking a positive change on all the industry and organizations, with the advent of technologies like the internet of things, wearables, and sensors, even the cities are turning SMART! We hope you know what that means, or those who don’t know, smart cities are the existing cities that are interlinked with many technologies and work harmoniously where you can see roads with fewer to no accidents and minimum to no pollution at all. Smart cities also include smart homes and everything you can find in a city. With that said, if you are looking to produce or make a smart city promo, you must keep a few tips and tricks in mind to make the perfect promo video. Without much ado, let us dive into the post.

Few Tips to Remember about Shooting Connected Cities and Lanes

  1. The first thing you have to keep in mind is to picture and show an ariel view of the world, and further zoom in to whatever place you choose to capture.
  2. You have to make sure that all of your captured images are moving, if it not, find some alternative ways or capture other images and animations to keep the film alive. It would be best if you did not get stuck with only the pictures as it can end up boring.
  3. The third tip is to make the shoot and capture the places that are crowded. No matter what avoid less crowded places as it can be awkward looking in the film. Make sure to capture rush and overcrowded places.
  4. The next tip is something to do with the traffic. Make sure to get the moving traffic in a lane and if possible, get an explicit video of nightlife where the street and traffic lights are blooming.
  5. You should always keep in mind not to input a lot of visual images, instead go for moving pictures.

Few Tips

  1. Interview people who have clear thoughts on what a smart city is and how it helps them. Ask opinion from the local as well as other prominent people in position.
  2. You can use any kind of tricks and type of views you can in the film, after all, it is a moving picture and needs to attract many viewers. Having said that, you can use, photorealist aerial views, massing study fly-through, panoramas, and many other animations integrated moving pictures within the film.
  3. You must keep in mind never to include any negative comments as well as purpose, reasons, and many other related topics that can pave the way to controversy. Simply put, avoid negativity conversation.
  4. Final stage is integrating your editing skills and making the best of the best and upload the film.

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